Microsoft Company Job Vacancy In India | Data Science Job For Graduates

Job Name: : Data Science Internship

Salary:  ₹35,000 –₹55,000 per month

Company Name: Microsoft

Location: India

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree

Language: English/Hindi

Job Info –

      • Develop highly scalable classifiers, data regression, recommendations and predictive models
      • Analyze petabytes of data and mine patterns from logs
      • Bring data to life using rich visualizations
      • Create language models, speech models, vision models, etc.
      • Suggest, collect and synthesize requirements and innovate to create next generation feature sets.
      • Enable natural and contextual interactions in apps integrating cognitive and analytics services
      • Adapt standard ML methods to best exploit modern parallel environments.
      • Implement algorithms that power user and developer-facing products reaching out to millions of users. Measure and optimize the quality of your algorithms.
      • Work in product teams shipping large scale end to end applications/solutions.

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