Maruti Suzuki Recruitment 2022 – Data Analyst

Job Title: Data Analyst

Salary Package: ₹25,000 – ₹40,000 a Month

Company Name: Maruti Suzuki India Limited

Job Location: New Delhi, Delhi

Qualification : Bachelor’s Degree

Job Info:

        • Build & Deploy Machine learning models to drive customer retention/satisfaction/Lifetime value
        • Work closely with business to identify issues and use data to propose solutions for effective decision making
        • Use analytical, statistical, and programming skills to collect large data sets and develop data-driven solutions
        • Interpret raw data and extract valuable meaning out of it then use this information to find patterns and develop solutions that organization needs to grow and compete


        • Create various Machine learning based tools or processes such as recommendation engine /lead scoring systems
        • Using machine learning tools to select features, create and optimize classifiers
        • Discover information in the huge database and help organization make smarter data drive decision to deliver better customer experience & products
        • Undertaking data collection, preprocessing, and analysis (EDA)
        • Build models to address business problems
        • Present information using data visualization techniques
        • Identify valuable data sources and automate collection processes
        • Collaborate with multiple marketing and product planning teams
        • Data preparation, make sense of data from multiple data sources, be compliant to data security norms
        • Understanding the business problem
        • Effective communication with Non-Technical stakeholders
        • Possess exceptional knowledge of the business domain along with expertise in technology, math and statistics
        • Look at big data with a view to solve a business problem
        • Ability to create and gain buy-in for novel ideas with the main motive to produce a working model that can help business make effective data driven decisions
        • Create stories from number crunching
        • Be the data storyteller to gain business confidence

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