Attending Consultant – Saket – Max Healthcare

Job Title: Attending Consultant

Salary Package: ₹20,000 – ₹40,000 a Month

Company Name: Cognizant Technology Solutions

Job Location: New Delhi, Delhi

Qualification : Bachelor’s Degree

Job Info:

    • Responsibilities and key tasks

      Process Orientation/ Documentation

      1. To Provide Quality clinical Care to surgical Patients
      2. To ensure timely attention and intervention for any query or requirement from the IP surgical patient.

      3.       To practice evidence based medicine awareness regarding patient {Investigation-(profile/reports/plan)}-{Treatment- (details/drug procurement)} {Drug Allergies/ patient history}.

      1. To ensure Emergency Preparedness & Response Treatment/ Procedure/ Investigations)
      2. To ensure that the surgical IP rounds are duly done and the patients are attended empathetically
      3. To Compliance with patient protocols (OP-IP/OT/ Diagnostics/ ICU/ Triage)
      4. To Document patient File/ Prescriptions/requisitions (legible/ complete)
      5. To ensure Documentation at the time of Discharge
      6. To workup of all IP patients for Internal Medicine & ensure tie-up preparation consent.
      7. To ensure adequate care of all part up cases.
      8. To complete all OP & IP records on time with accuracy.
      9. To ensure on-time availability of technical equipment for Internal Medicine and assist all surgical consultants in O.T. procedures
      10. To have complete orientation of QMS and EMS system of Hospital.
      11. To have complete Awareness about Disaster Management Programme (DMP) of the hospital.
      12. To Comply with the service quality Process, environmental & occupational  issues & policies of the respective area
      13. To Comply with patient safety policy
      14. To ensure safe utilization of equipments and proper waste disposal  system.

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